ICICI Bank Singapore

Address : 184 Serangoon Road, Little India, Singapore 218061

Time : Mon & Wed to Fri: 1430 hrs - 2000 hrs, Sat & Sun : 1200 hrs - 2000 hrs, CLOSED on –Tuesday and Public Holidays

About ICICI Bank Singapore

ICICI Bank Singapore is an Indian bank located along Serangoon Road. ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in India. Their first overseas branch was launched in Singapore. The opening of the Singapore branch in 2003 brought about a surge of expansion in many other countries globally such as USA, UK, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada and Dubai. ICICI Bank was granted the full banking license in Singapore as of 2010. This has allowed them to provide the full range of services for the local and expatriate communities in Singapore. ICICI Bank has a range of products and services that they offer customers in Singapore. These include
  • Investment & deposit products in the various currencies
  • Remittance service to India
  • Providing financial expertise for the Indian markets as well as the Asia Pacific Region
  • Facillitating loans for businesses in the Asia Pacific Region
ICICI Bank provides fixed deposits, current accounts and savings accounts for retail customers in Singapore. They provide home loan services for Non-Resident Indians to purchase homes in India.