Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre

Address : 15 Woodlands Loop, #04-47,
Singapore 738322

About Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre

Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre specialises in producing fresh salads using a very unique method.

Agrotech salads are prepared fresh on a daily basis and hand picked from the finest quality leaves for processing. This is made possible with an efficient processing and packaging system in Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre. Most shipments are delivered to the market on the same day. Agrotech keeps minimum stocks as to avoid facing issues of lack of inventory. This practice has helped the to maximize the product quality and decrease wastage.

Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre practises to be a flexible organisation and is open to adjusting to the demand of the market place consumers quickly.

Agrotech Salads

Freshly produced, Superb crunchy, Nutritious taste, Clean and hygienic, Processed locally, Extended shelf life, Minimum wastage

Agrotech salads are Nitrogen-packed after the final processing to maintain the crispy texture and freshness. This is a unique method and the first of its kind to be adopted in Singapore for the leafy salad range.

Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre provides niche salad ranges to cater to the distinct salad lover’s needs. According to their market analysis, they found that the majority of shoppers purchase salads from supermarkets in 2 or 3 days once or at least once in a week. With this challenge in mind, Agrotech inculcated the unique method of producing Nitrogen packed salads.