Thondamans Food Manufacturer

Address : 23 Upper Dickson Rd, Little India, Singapore 207482

Time : 11.00 am to 11 pm (Daily)

About Thondamans Food Manufacturer

Thondamans Food Manufacturer is the catering and food manufacturing arm of the Thondamans brand.

Thondamans Catering

Thondamans has been in the catering business since 1986 pandering to the palates of even the most discerning gourmet. Our chefs from India prepares the Halal food with the finest and freshest ingredients, and offers a wide variety of North Indian, South Indian, Local, Vegetarian and Western cuisine. Thondamans caters to all kinds of occasions including Anniversaries, Seminars, Training Sessions, Wedding Receptions and even pre-packed meals for factories. Call us at +65 6396 5563 for any catering queries.

Thondamans Food Manufacturing

Thondamans Food Manufacturer is known for manufacturing Idiyappam or also known as Putu Mayam. Thondamans Food is the main distributor for Idiyappam in Singapore. We supply Idiyappam to Mustafa Centre as well. Our famous Idiyappam is also available for purchase at the outlet. Thondamans Food provides FREE home delivery for Idiyappam too. Do note that a minimum order quantity of 5 packets is required.